IGS Energy Headquarters Achieves LEED™ Platinum Certification Highest Recognition is Central Ohio’s First

IGS Energy Headquarters Achieves LEED Platinum CertificationDublin, OH – IGS Energy, one of the largest residential retail natural gas suppliers in the United States, is proud to announce that its new Dublin headquarters has earned the distinction of achieving Platinum certification for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). It is the largest commercial office building in the state to earn Platinum under LEED-NC™ (New Construction) and the only project to achieve any Platinum certification in central Ohio.

LEED Platinum certification is the U.S. Green Building Council’s highest award for energy and environmental stewardship. This designation highlights IGS Energy’s commitment to the future of responsible and sustainable energy use.

The headquarters building, located at 6100 Emerald Parkway in Dublin, Ohio, was built to meet strict criteria in six areas of sustainability, as set by the U.S. Green Building Council. At 104,500 square feet, it is the largest LEED NC Platinum office building project in the state and one of only four LEED NC Platinum-certified projects listed by the USGBC in Ohio. IGS Energy earned 10 out of the 10 energy points available. This will help minimize the greenhouse gases created and return a cost-effective stream of energy savings for the future.

IGS Energy is a recognized energy products leader, advocating for changes to improve the industry and the way consumers use energy resources. It’s because of this that IGS Energy decided to construct a building and site that meets the highest standards according to Scott White, President of IGS Energy.

“As an energy company we wanted to focus on making responsible energy choices” White said. “We were able to design our headquarters to consume about half the energy of a comparable facility which was a great opportunity to demonstrate just how much impact the user can have in managing their energy consumption. We hope this will encourage others to become more engaged energy consumers.”

The project team strove to ensure that all possible energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly measures were utilized throughout the building’s design and construction, which began in October 2008. From state-ofthe-art glass to sensor controlled lighting to a highly efficient HVAC system, IGS sought to minimize energy usage. IGS Energy also took advantage of renewable energy sources including solar photo-voltaic panels on the roof that reduce the electric utility cost for the building by 7.5 percent, and a geothermal heating and cooling system that creates a comfortable, year round thermal environment.

All building materials were specified and documented in accordance with LEED requirements such as recycled content, location of origin, air quality restrictions and removal of construction materials through recycling channels.

The project effort began more than three years ago when IGS Energy assembled an experienced design, consulting and construction team to fulfill the company’s vision for the new headquarters. The design team included Bird Houk as lead architect, Prater Engineering as mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineers, EMH&T as civil engineers and Jezerinac Geers as structural engineers. Consultants to IGS Energy included Joslin Consulting, LEED consultant; Joe Ventresca, energy consultant; Jeff Persons, geothermal consultant; and Don McCarthy, owner’s representative. Messer Construction served as construction manager/general contractor. Third-Sun Solar installed the solar photo-voltaic system. Additionally, IGS received support and guidance from the City of Dublin throughout the project lifecycle.

“The City of Dublin is proud and fortunate to witness IGS Energy grow from the original three founders to the energy industry leader it has become today,” said Dublin Deputy City Manager and Director of Economic Development Dana McDaniel. “IGS Energy continues to grow in its role as a leader, not only to the industry at large, but also to our region’s residents, by constructing this forward-thinking facility that is achieving the LEED Platinum standard. The City of Dublin is pleased that its Green Incentive of $75,000 in some way contributed to this significant achievement.”

IGS moved into its new building in July 2010.